Bob Gass

Bob and Debby Gass
Bob Gass was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His father died when he was twelve and his mother was left to rear him as well as his brother Neil and sister Ruth on a government pension.

His mother was a formative influence on his life, encouraging him to attend church as often as possible. 'She came into the Kingdom at a hundred miles an hour,' Bob says, 'and never slowed down.' By the time he was twelve, his heroes were not movie stars or sports celebrities but men and women of God. At this time, he gave his life to Christ.

He preached his first sermon at 13, writing it out in a school exercise book. As he began, so he has continued-even today, Bob writes out each reading for The Word for You Today longhand in a yellow legal pad. He was fortunate as a teenager to have Gordon Magee as his mentor who offered, when he moved from Ireland to the United States, to pay for Bob's passage to America. A few weeks before his eighteenth birthday, Bob arrived in Houston with two sermons in a briefcase and 25 cents in his pocket. Magee asked his friends across the US to give Bob opportunities to preach and for many years gave him constructive criticism of his sermons.

Bob's first pastorate was in Canada, followed by a twelve year stint in Bangor, Maine. After that he moved to Georgia. He has been married to his wife, Debby, for over 20 years.

Whet your appetite so much that you'll say, "Wow! I didn't know that was in the Bible!

Debby currently helps Bob write The Word for You

Today from their home in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. His sister Ruth serves as a research assistant. Over six million people throughout receive it quarterly and testimonies flood in, demonstrating how many lives are blessed by it. Initially, however, The Word for You Today began when Bob became aware of the struggles of UCB in the United Kingdom. 'You could broadcast rock, reggae and rap across the airwaves, but not Christian music!' he says. 'This-in the land that gave the world the King James Bible and the revival of the Wesleys!' The law had to be changed and Bob's support of UCB enabled them to keep in touch with supporters and, through the devotional, keep the cause of Christian radio in front of increasing numbers of people.


Bob's vision for The Word for You Today is to 'whet your appetite so much that you'll say, "Wow! I didn't know that was in the Bible! Maybe I'd better go and read it for myself.' Through The Word for You Today, he and Debby want to give you a love for the Word of God which will last all your life long.

Bob Gass has also authored over 30 books and produced an extensive library of teaching DVDs, and CDs all produced to enhance your daily walk with God. 


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