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City Of Medford Cites Conflict Of Interest Concerning Contractor

Medford city leaders opposed to a proposed casino are concerned about a contractor hired by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs to conduct the environmental analysis.

Mayor Gary Wheeler, in a 15-page letter to the bureau, says the Coquille tribe is a client of Analytical Environmental Services.Read More »

Medford Recognized As "Compact" And "Connected" City

By Jim McCoy Fri 27th June Newscity of MedfordUrban Growth
According to a study conducted by SmartGrowth America, the Medford/Jackson County area ranks 23rd out of 221 US metropolitan areas for being a compact and well-connected area. The organization used development density, an area's land-use mix, activity centering, and street accessibility as criteria to develop a "Sprawl Index" score.Read More »

Medford's Grass Cutting Ordinance Kicks In Sunday

By Jim McCoy Fri 30th May Newscity of MedfordFire seasontall grass
Property owners in Medford who have grass over 10 inches tall on hillsides, fields and vacant lots must have it cut by Sunday, June 1st, or face the possibility of a fine. Medford’s weeds and grass ordinance is aimed at reducing during a year in which there is plenty of concerns after a drier than normal winter.Read More »

City of Medford Makes Donation To Emergency Communication Support Group

The City of Medford has recently made a donation to the Jackson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) for the purchase of equipment to provide new, or augment existing, back-up emergency communications from several locations throughout the county.Read More »

City of Medford Settles With Former Fire Chief

Medford city officials agreed to pay former Fire-Rescue Chief Dave Bierwiler nearly $72,000 to head off a potential age discrimination lawsuit. City Manager Eric Swanson released the termination agreement Wednesday at the request of the Mail Tribune ( The city denies it fired the 63-year-old because of his age.Read More »

Hawthorne Pool Demolished

By Jim McCoy Thu 11th July Newscity of MedfordHawthorne Pool
Workers today demolished a renown Medford pool today. Hawthorne Pool, which opened in 1950, was closed two years ago after it was discovered the pool was leaking an estimated 30,000 gallons a day. Demolition work will continue on in to next week. Located in Hawthorne Park near the I-5 viaduct in Medford, the pool was a popular swimming location for over 60 years.

City of Medford Pays Over $900k To Former Employees

Medford City Council members reluctantly agreed Thursday to pay $920,000 to former employees and retirees who left with accrued vacation time and banked overtime hours. Council members said the practice is not sustainable, but they were bound by employee contract agreements. The Mail Tribune reports $400,000 goes to firefighters and $330,000 to police officers. When anRead More »

Medford Council Approves Emergency Manager Position

The Medford City Council voted Thursday to create the job of emergency manager. The position will cost the city $145,000 a year in salary and benefits plus another $38,000 a year for materials and services and a one-time expense for $31,000. The Mail Tribune reports the manager would help prepare for earthquakes or other disasters and direct the Citizen Emergency Response Team thRead More »

Medford Leaders Concerned of Isolation in Event of Major Earthquake

By Jim McCoy Tue 19th March Newscity of Medfordearthquake
Officials in Medford say an emerging state highway plan for recovering from a major earthquake could keep their region isolated for a lengthy period. That's because the plan makes a priority of repairs to U.S. Highway 97 through Klamath Falls.Read More »


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