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Background Check Bill Passes Oregon Senate

By Jim McCoy Wed 15th April NewsGun control

Oregon Senators have approved a bill requiring background checks on most private gun sales.

Under the bill, gun buyers and sellers who aren't related would have to appear in person before a licensed gun dealer who can run a background check, for a fee, through the Oregon State Police.

Tuesday's debate drew hours of testimony from Republican senators who said expanRead More »

Legislature Considering Background Checks On Private Gun Sales

By Jim McCoy Thu 26th March NewsGun controlOregon legislature

Oregon Democrats are taking the first step toward requiring background checks on private gun sales.

A bill introduced on Thursday could begin moving through the Legislature as soon as next week.

Gun control advocates have tried for years to expand Oregon's background check requirement.Read More »

Oregon Gun Control Bill Hits A Snag

By Jim McCoy Thu 13th February NewsGun controlOregon legislature
An Oregon bill that would require background checks for private gun sales appears to be in trouble. Senate President Peter Courtney has promised to allow a vote in the full Senate if the measure can get out of the Judiciary Committee.Read More »

Legislature Examines Gun Control Bills

By Jim McCoy Fri 5th April NewsGun controlOregon legislature
Gov. John Kitzhaber has called for expanding gun sale background checks and for new restrictions on carrying guns in elementary and secondary schools as Oregon's Legislature began hearing testimony on gun control bills. The Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday began hearings on a package of four gun bills.Read More »

State Senator Blames Threatening Messages for Town Hall Cancellation

State Sen. Ginny Burdick says she canceled a town hall meeting on gun control at Portland State University because her office has received thousands of hostile or threatening emails about anti-gun legislation. She told KATU she did not want to have the town hall crashed by disruptive and rude gun extremists. Burdick had initially said there was a scheduling conflict.Read More »

State Senator Proposes "Satirical" Bill for Background Checks on Knives

By Jim McCoy Wed 27th February NewsGun controlSen. Brian Boquist
A Republican lawmaker is trying to draw attention to what he sees as the absurdity of gun-control legislation, so he's proposing background checks on knife sales in Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist of Dallas doesn't intend for his bill to pass.Read More »


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