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Pit Bull Stabbed To Death In Roseburg

By Jim McCoy Wed 9th May Newsanimal incidentsRoseburg news

A man stabbed a pit bull dog to death at Roseburg to save a dachshund it had in a deadly grip. Brett Patton of Winston told KPIC-TV he was
playing disc golf with friends Tuesday when a friend's dachshund
was attacked by a pit bull that broke its leash.

     Six men tried to separate the animals, but when they realized
the dachshund was being torn apart, Patton says he asked the pit
bull's owner if he could kill it. He says she said yes.

 Patton said he did what he had to do.

 Police took the dachshund to Companion Animal Clinic with very
serious injuries.

 The pit bull owners told KPIC they did not give Patton
permission to stab their dog.iated

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