Wandering Wolf Expanding Family?

By Jim McCoy Wed 20th May Newsgrey wolfOR-7

State biologists say Oregon's famous wandering wolf, OR-7, appears to be denned up for a second set of pups in the southern Cascades.

The Medford Mail Tribune (http://bit.ly/1EXWuHl ) reported Wednesday that OR-7's satellite tracking collar has finally died, but Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists are still getting a faint signal from the radio portion of the collarRead More »

New Wolf To Compete With OR-7?

By Jim McCoy Wed 14th January NewsOR-7wolf
Another wandering wolf has found its way to the Cascades of southwestern Oregon, where OR-7 has established his pack. U.S.Read More »

Biologists Plan To Re-Collar Wandering Wolf

By Jim McCoy Mon 25th August NewsOR-7
Biologists plan to recapture and re-collar OR-7, Oregon's famous wandering wolf that is now a settled father of pups. The Medford Mail Tribune reports that the plan calls for recapturing the male wolf along with his mate and three pups to keep tracking Western Oregon's only known wolf family as they work their way toward pack status.Read More »

Wolfpack Avoids Wildfires

By Jim McCoy Thu 7th August NewsOR-7wildfires
The Oregon Gulch wildfire is burning within several miles of where a pack of wolves lives in southern Oregon, but the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says they are not threatened. Wildlife biologist Mark Vargas in the Rogue District office says OR-7, his mate and three pups should have little trouble skirting the flames and smoke. He told Mail Tribune (http://bit.ly/1otNpxwRead More »

Wandering Wolf Becomes Father In Southern Cascades

By Jim McCoy Wed 4th June NewsOR-7wandering wolf
Biologists say Oregon's famous wandering wolf has fathered pups with a mate in the southern Cascade Range - the first confirmed wolf pack in those mountains since the 1940s. The U.S.Read More »

Wandering Wolf May Have Found A Mate

By Jim McCoy Tue 13th May NewsOR-7wolf
Oregon's famous wandering wolf, OR-7, may have found the mate he has trekked thousands of miles looking for. Wildlife authorities said Monday that cameras on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in the southern Cascades captured several images of what appears to be a black female wolf in the same area where OR-7's GPS collar shows he has been living. U.S.Read More »

Wandering Wolf's Signal Fading

By Jim McCoy Thu 27th March NewsOR-7wolf
A wandering wolf whose trek across Oregon and Northern California attracted worldwide attention could soon fade from the public spotlight. The Global Positioning System collar that has sent regular electronic pulses to reveal his travels for the past three years has eclipsed its normal life span, and state and federal biologists don't plan to replace it. The wolf dubbed OR-7 becaRead More »

Wandering Wolf Spends Summer In Southern Oregon

By Jim McCoy Tue 10th September NewsOR-7wolf
Oregon's noted wandering wolf has been staying put of late. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a GPS tracking collar shows OR-7 has spent the summer in a forested area of the southern Cascades in southeastern Jackson County and southwestern Klamath County. Spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy says that suggests the 3-year-old male wolf has found favorable habitat, with deer Read More »

Siskiyou County Won't Ban Wolves

Officials in Siskiyou County have decided not to take up a measure banning wolves like the wolf known as "OR-7" that has been wandering around looking for a mate. Supervisor Jim Cook told The Herald and News newspaper in Klamath Falls the ordinance proposed by a local cattleman didn't seem to have much community support and had not been vetted.Read More »


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