Focus Today – Biblical Studies
WikiPedia defines Biblical Studies as the academic application of a set of diverse disciplines to the study of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, the Bible.  For its theory and methods, the field draws on disciplines ranging from archaeology, ancient history, cultural backgrounds, textual criticism, literary criticism, historical backgrounds, philology, and social science.  Many secular as well as religious universities and colleges offer courses in biblical studies, usually in departments of religious studies, theology, Judaic studies, history, or comparative literature. Biblical scholars do not necessarily have a faith commitment to the texts they study, but many do.
Gene’s early career was spent in the world of academics, first as professor for thirteen years at Moody Bible Institute, then as professor for eight years at Dallas Theological Seminary. While teaching at DTS, he was challenged to confront the disillusionment that grew out of the era of the ‘60s and early ‘70s. After many dynamic class sessions and interaction with his students, Gene wrote Sharpening the Focus of the Church. This book led to his launching of the original Fellowship Bible Church in 1972, starting a movement that continues today in the form of hundreds of Fellowship and Fellowship-type churches around the world.  After transitioning from his role as Senior Pastor more than ten years ago, the Life Essentials Study Bible (Broadman-Holman, 2011) is now the centerpiece of his ministry. Its unique format includes 1500 supracultural “principles to live by,” each with a QR code providing access to a total of 250 total hours of video teaching.
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