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WikiPedia defines Counseling Psychology as a psychological specialty that encompasses research and applied work in several broad domains: counseling process and outcome; supervision and training; career development and counseling; and prevention and health. Some unifying themes among counseling psychologists include a focus on assets and strengths, person–environment interactions, educational and career development, brief interactions, and a focus on intact personalities.
Bill Gallagher
Bill has been counseling and professionally working with people since 1980.  His emphasis in the workplace is to help develop both relational skills and professional standards among administration and staff. Bill formed TeamWorks in 2001 to help organizations achieve their goals for establishing high morale and client satisfaction. He has worked in multiple organizational settings and of recent has spent most of his time addressing workplace issues in health care and city government.  His strengths are in public speaking, mediation, and understanding the complexities of relational dynamics in the workplace. Bill lives in Medford, Oregon, with his wife Jenny, and delights in participating in the lives of their five children and five granddaughters.
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